Friday, 14 October 2011

PMR ???

0uh pmr~ finally i met u !!
how SWEET are u !

i LOVE pmr !!  cpew suke PMR ,,agkt tgn~~!!

hex2, what a romantical place in the examination hall

with a peaceful surrounding

and sometime the rain fall like dog and cat

huargh but it had passed ,,

i really miss the moment in the HALL

ngeee~ manyak nyea grammar mistake !!~

tapew2 entry gua . gua punyew sukew lhaaaa !!~ kan3??~

ngee~ npew SWEET MOMENT SGT ???


1.sit saye dkt dengan kipas,,hehe p ta kesa pown
asalkn dpt jwb dgn selesa~

2.dpt angke giliran yg agk lhaa
tade lhaa bez sgt tp NTAH

n yg paleng penteng,,, dpt dud0k sblah dye !!
cmpy syidie p0wn jelez aq dpt dud0k near 2 my luvly friend~
fren 0ukeyh!!~

hee~ he said that he always pray
that he want to sit beside me in exam
and finally Allah hear his pray


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